M3 Industries exists to ‘make it well’.  Perhaps a simplistic statement but one we hold dear.

Headed by Simon Chislett, 12 year technical director of UHC and creator of most of their past sculptures and objects, he has an eye for detail and dedication to getting things right. Now his skills and equipment are available to everyone!

The workshop

We have a well equipped traditional wood workshop capable of turning trees into fine furniture.

On the digital side we have a 1.2m x 0.9m bed, 100w laser cutter, capable of engraving and cutting many different materials. There is also a vinyl cutter for making large graphics and plotter drawings.

For more interaction we can design and program electronics to control your creations. Arduino anyone?

For more industrial projects, steel can be cut and welded – with plans to add a tig welder in the future to bring other metals into play.

Oh, and for the more traditional amongst you, we also do picture framing.


Laser cutting starts at £25 per hour, with discounts given for long jobs.

Other types of work really depend on the project and its scope. We relish sky’s-the-limit ambitious projects, but treat even the smallest scale one-offs with equal care and attention. If you have an idea you want to turn into a well crafted reality please contact us and we’ll see how we can help!